Can You Add Inches To A Lift Kit?

Can you add a lift kit to another lift kit?

To answer your question – yes.

If the lift kit lifts the front end with new springs, then you can put the spacer on top of the new spring for the extra height..

Should I lift my truck 4 or 6 inches?

Lift kits. If the goal for lifting your ride is greater ground-clearance and off-road capabilities, a suspension lift kit is the way to go. This pricier solution delivers an overall boost of anywhere from 4” to 6”, but, if you’re looking to roll with 35” tires or larger, you’ll probably need to go north of 4 inches.

Can you put a lift kit on a car?

When installing a lift kit on a car, as opposed to on a truck or 4×4, it is important to determine if you will need to also use a wheel adaptor/spacer. Therefore, buyers need to know what wheel adaptors/spacers are and determine if they will need to purchase them along with their car lift kit.

Does a lift kit add value?

No, but it does limit your potential buyer pool. Not everyone wants a lifted truck. It also doesn’t raise the resale value. Modified vehicles don’t command more money unless they are seriously modified with more than just bolt on parts.

Can you stack lift kits?

What we can tell you is that stacking a leveling kit on top of a lift kit is not recommended by the lift kit manufacturers as you are modifying their product beyond its intended limits.

Can I add a body lift to a suspension lift?

Yes indeed, some people install both a body lift and a suspension lift together to get their trucks that much higher, allowing them to clear bigger tires than would be possible with a suspension lift alone. … Choosing a lift kit can be a daunting task, but remember to keep it fun.