Is Haikou Safe?

How do you get to Hainan China?

There are really only 2 ways of getting to Hainan island.

You can either fly or ride the ferry to Sanya or Haikou city.

Even though you’ll see the train as a direct option to Hainan Island, it, as well as any land transport ends up on the deck of the ferry.

For one heck of a beautiful ride across the Qiongzhou Strait..

How do I get to Sanya?

Sanya can be reached directly by train from Beijing (35 hours), Shanghai (36 hours) and Guangzhou (15 hours). The whole train is loaded on to a ferry for the journey from mainland China to the Island, then continues its journey around the west coast as far as Sanya.

Is Sanya safe?

Thanks to a heavy crackdown on gangsters, Sanya has become much safer than in the early 2000s. While violent crimes against tourists are rare in Sanya, be wary of pickpocketing, bicycle theft and bag snatching. There are occasional reports of professional drivers zooming alongside a tourist and grabbing their bag.

What is Sanya famous for?

The city is renowned for its tropical climate and has emerged as a popular tourist destination, also serving as the training site of the Chinese national beach volleyball team. Sanya is home to small concentrations of Utsul people.

Can foreigner buy property in Hainan?

With a series of fresh cooling measures announced since late March, Hainan has effectively restricted non-residents from buying homes in a property market that has been highly dependent on tourism and foreign buyers. Other measures include forbidding home owners to sell properties within five years of purchase.

Do you need a visa for Hainan?

The following requirements must be met to obtain your 30-Day Free Visa to Hainan: Must hold valid ordinary passport of the 59 Countries mentioned below. Visitors must enter from ports in Sanya, Haikou and any ports opened in Hainan. Visitors must make pre-arrival registration through a local travel agency.

How far away is Philippines from China?

1,854.72 miDistance from China to Philippines The shortest distance (air line) between China and Philippines is 1,854.72 mi (2,984.88 km).

How far is Hainan from mainland China?

14 milesBut located only 14 miles off mainland China and roughly the size of Belgium, Hainan can compete on its own, thank you very much, abounding with amazing seafood, fresh coconuts, luxury resorts, and fun watersports.

How far is Sanya from Wuhan?

1454 kmThe distance between Wuhan and Sanya is 1454 km.

What is the best time to visit Hainan Island?

The best time to visit Hainan is from December to March (late spring and early summer). During these months, the weather in Hainan is mild and agreeable, while other parts of China are in a cold and harsh winter.

What can I buy in Hainan?

Sanya Hainan Shopping Guide: What to buy and where to go in SanyaPearls. … Pearl Cream and Powder. … Candies in Sanya from coconuts. … Dried Seafood and Tropical Fruits. … Coffee, Tea and Pepper. … Local handicrafts.More items…

How far is Hainan from Beijing?

Distance from Hainan to Beijing is 2,279 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Hainan and Beijing is 2,279 km= 1,416 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Hainan to Beijing, It takes 2.53 hours to arrive.

How many airports are there in Hainan?

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Is Hainan a part of China?

海南) is the smallest and southernmost province of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), consisting of various islands in the South China Sea. The Hainan Island, the largest and most populous island under PRC administration, makes up the vast majority (97%) of the province.

What language do they speak in Hainan?

In Hainan, the local Han Chinese speak Hainanese, a Min Chinese language also known as Qiongwen, as their native tongue. The dialect of Wenchang (文昌) is spoken by Hainanese from the northern parts of Hainan.