Question: Is The Times Newspaper Labour Or Conservative?

Which UK newspapers are left wing?

Current publicationsDaily Mirror – mainstream newspaper which has consistently supported the Labour Party since the 1945 general election.The Morning Star – co-operative, reader-owned socialist newspaper.

The News Line – from the Workers Revolutionary Party..

Who reads the Daily Express?

“The Daily Telegraph” is read by the people who think the country ought to be run as it used to be; “The Express” is read by the people who think it is still run as it used to be; “The Sun” is read by the people who don’t care who runs the country as long as the naked girl at page three is attractive.

What is the best UK news website?

Top 40 UK news and information websites (source Nielsen/UKOM) BBC News 9,992. MailOnline 6,645. 4,622. Telegraph 4,394. Yahoo! News Websites 4,097. The Sun 2,916. Newsquest Media Group 2,877. Trinity Mirror Nationals 2,427.More items…•

What is the most respected newspaper in the world?

The New York Times. This is the most influential newspaper in the U.S. in my view. … The Wall Street Journal. … The Washington Post. … BBC. … The Economist. … The New Yorker. … Wire Services: The Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg News. … Foreign Affairs.More items…•

Who reads the sun?

The Sun is the most-read newspaper from Monday to Saturday — and The Sun on Sunday also leads the way. Britain’s best newspaper has 9.86million readers and a massive 29.03million people read The Sun online.

What kind of newspaper is the Times?

The Times, daily newspaper published in London, one of Britain’s oldest and most influential newspapers. It is generally accounted, with The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, one of Britain’s “big three” and has long been recognized as one of the world’s greatest newspapers.

Which political party does the Sunday Times support?

The Sunday TimesThe Sunday Times cover (13 July 2014)TypeSunday newspaperEditorEmma TuckerFounded18 February 1821 (as The New Observer)Political alignmentConservative Party8 more rows

Which British newspapers are conservative?

Broadsheet and former broadsheet newspapersTitleDays of publicationPolitical party support in the 2019 general electionThe Daily TelegraphDailyConservative PartyThe Sunday TelegraphSundaysThe TimesDailyThe Sunday TimesSundays7 more rows

Which is the best daily newspaper UK?

Top 10 U.K. Newspapers by CirculationMetro. Metro is the United Kingdom’s highest-circulation print newspaper. … The Sun. … The Sun on Sunday. … Daily Mail. … 5. Mail On Sunday. … The Sunday Times. … Daily Mirror. … The Times. items…

What political party is the Times newspaper?

The TimesFront-page of The Times from 19 October 2015TypeDaily newspaperEditorJohn WitherowFounded1 January 1785 (as The Daily Universal Register)Political alignmentConservative Party Labour Party (2001-2010)9 more rows

How much is the Sunday Express?

The Saturday and Sunday margins on both titles will also be adjusted to 21%. The Saturday edition of the Daily Express cash margin will increase to 18.9p and the Sunday Express to 31.5p per copy. The Saturday edition of the Daily Star will increase to 12.6p and the Daily Star Sunday to 21p.

What political party do UK newspapers support?

National daily newspapersNewspaperMain endorsementSecondary endorsement(s)Daily TelegraphConservative PartyNoneFinancial TimesConservative PartyLiberal DemocratsThe GuardianLabour PartyGreen Parties in the United KingdomLiberal Democrats10 more rows

Is Daily Express Labour or conservative?

Daily ExpressFront page, 19 November 2011TypeDaily newspaperPolitical alignmentConservative Right-wing populist EuroscepticismHeadquartersLower Thames Street London, EC3 United KingdomCirculation251,736 (as of August 2020)6 more rows

What is the most respected British newspaper?

The GuardianThe Guardian is the most trusted newspaper brand in the UK, a study by a non-partisan media research organisation has found. The research, conducted by the US-based Pew Research Centre, found the Guardian was particularly trusted among readers aged 18 to 29.