Question: What Is Another Word For Touche?

What word means right back at you?

An exclamation used to express the same sentiment back to the original speaker; same as “you too” and “same to you.” Primarily heard in US, South Africa.

A: “You’re one of the nicest people I know.” B: “Aw, thanks!.

What language is the word Touche?

Touché is merely the past participle of “toucher” (Old French: Touchier), and it, like all Romance language words for touch, derives from Latin “toccare,” not from any Germanic source.

What does the phrase Touche mean?

—used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or the success or appropriateness of an argument, an accusation, or a witty point.

Does Touche mean same?

Touché is the past participle of the word toucher, which means ‘to touch’ as a verb and refers to one of the five senses when used as a noun. But English speakers use it to acknowledge a particularly effective counter-argument or comeback in a battle of repartee or “banter”, as some would say.

Does Touche mean I agree?

It is often used to acknowledge when someone has made a good point in an argument or discussion, especially if it proves your point of view to be incorrect. Touché is an interjection used for admitting that someone has said something better, funnier, or cleverer in answer to what you or someone else has just said.

How do you use Touche in a sentence?

Touché in a Sentence 🔉Since we rarely make contact with each other in our beginning fencing class, we hardly ever get to hear anyone say, “Touché.” … The politician said, “Touché” after making a response that silenced the rude reporter.More items…

Does Touche mean right back at you?

interjection. Touché is defined as a word used to acknowledge a clever point made at someone else’s expense. An example of touché is what you say when you are having a conversation with someone and they make a point at your expense, showing why they are right and you are wrong.

Does ditto mean right back at you?

Me too, or right back accha.

What does touching mean in slang?

Beat, kill, robThe definition of TOUCH is “Beat, kill, rob”

What is another word for rapscallion?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rapscallion, like: knave, rogue, scalawag, varlet, scallywag, rouge, rascal, (colloq.) rascal, miscreant, monkey and villain.

What is the opposite of Touche?

respect, praise, flattery, success, elevation, resistance, esteem, triumph, honor, glorification.

How do you use the word Touche?

Touche is used as part of witty verbal repartee, more likely between rivals or members of the opposite sex. It is used to acknowledge a joke, barb or witty observation that is provocative in some way, but which the recipient can’t match or respond to. It is a metaphor.