Quick Answer: How Much Do SAPS Trainees Earn?

Which is the highest paying job in South Africa?


IT Managers.

Specialist medical doctors.

Petroleum Engineers.

Management Consultants.


Air Traffic Controller.

Air traffic controllers monitor the air traffic movement to ensure aircraft stay within safe distances from each other.

Chartered accountant.More items…•.

How much do soldiers earn in South Africa per month?

Average SANDF Soldier monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 14 845, which is 49% above the national average.

How much do nurses earn in South Africa?

An early career Registered Nurse (RN) with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of R230,265 based on 1,045 salaries. A mid-career Registered Nurse (RN) with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of R248,956 based on 655 salaries.

Which careers are in demand in SA?

Naming a few, Nzimande said these include careers in the digital economy, energy, infrastructure development, manufacturing, tourism and agriculture, data scientists, web developer, computer network technician, electrical engineer, concentrated solar power process controller, mechatronic technician, toolmaker, gaming …

What is integrity test for saps?

Prepare and Succeed on Your Integrity Test. Integrity testing is a type of personality test designed to verify whether a candidate is honest, dependable, and has the necessary qualities of independence. Lack of integrity associated with behaviors is critical for the employer in the hiring process.

How much do police trainees get paid in South Africa?

During the training phase, trainees will receive a R4,500 stipend. You can read more about the different recruitment streams here.

How much do SA Police earn per month?

The average South African Police Service monthly salary ranges from approximately R 3 555 per month for Human Resources Intern to R 24 360 per month for Forensic Analyst.

How much do police earn monthly?

How Much Do Police Officer Jobs Pay per Month?Annual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$65,000$5,41675th Percentile$54,500$4,541Average$48,418$4,03425th Percentile$37,500$3,125

What are the requirements to join saps?

A candidate must comply with the following, basic enlistment requirements:Be a South African citizen by birth.Be at least 25, but under 40 years of age, of which documentary proof must be furnished.Complete a health questionnaire, at his or her own cost, which is confirmed by a registered medical practitioner.More items…

How much do soldier earn per month?

How Much Do Army Soldier Jobs Pay per Month?Annual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$50,000$4,16675th Percentile$35,500$2,958Average$30,572$2,54725th Percentile$25,000$2,083

What disqualifies you from becoming a police officer?

Current drug use or past drug abuse. Dishonorable discharge from military service. Bad credit history. History of domestic violence.

What is the lowest paying job in South Africa?

Supermarkets pay the lowest salaries, followed by restaurants and hotels. A large proportion of employees in supermarkets (67%) and restaurants (50%) earn below minimum wage. Employers who fail to pay employees in line with the national minimum wage may be subject to a fine.

Are tattoos allowed in SAPS?

SAPS introduced a new tattoo policy in 2012 for official police members which bans all visible tattoos especially when in uniform. Speaking to DRUM, provincial police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele explained that before members are recruited they are well informed of this policy.

How much do SAPS constables earn?

Many people don’t think so, but compared to most South African police are paid fairly well. In 2018, constables earned between R175,000 and R213,000, sergeants between R222,000 and R270,000 and warrant officers between R278,000 and R407,000.

Do SAPS reservists get paid?

A police reservist is a member of the community who performs part-time policing functions or activities for SAPS on a voluntary basis without being paid.

Is getting a police officer job hard?

One of the main reasons it’s not easy to get a police job is how difficult it is to pass the Police Officer Entrance Exam. Only 35 percent of test takers pass the exam and only 10 percent of those applicants are offered jobs, according to a career police officer on the Police Recruiter blog.

What is a livable salary in South Africa?

Living Wages in Context (monthly rates in Rand)20152016Living Wage – Single Adult4190-63604360-6490Living Wage – Typical Family7160-108007410-11000Real wage of low-skilled worker2740-38402960-4210Real wage of medium-skilled worker6000-93006200-97602 more rows

Can you apply at SAPS without matric?

SAPS: How to Join Luckily, this job doesn’t require a diploma or degree, but you do need to have passed the Matric standard, compulsory subjects – English, Afrikaans/ isiZulu/ isiXhosa, Mathematics/ Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation.

How long is the SAPS training?

24 monthsThe duration of the Learning Programme will be 24 months, of which 12 months will be at the Academy and 12 months in the workplace. It will consist of two phases at the academy and one phase in the workplace. Foundational phase – will mainly focus on acquiring necessary knowledge and skills.

Do police officers get paid for training?

Actually, because attending and graduating from the police academy is required for your new job as a law enforcement officer, not only do you not have to pay to attend, you will receive your full starting salary while you’re training at the academy.

How long is training for police officers?

about 13 to 19 weeksThe duration of the training in the Police Academy varies for the different agencies. It usually takes about 13 to 19 weeks on average but can last up to six months. Note that it is possible to complete the Police Academy prior to applying for a police officer.