Quick Answer: What Does Phantasmagoric Mean?

What does Trepidancy mean?

trepidancy (uncountable) (rare) Trembling caused by fear or nervous agitation..

What does Porphyrogene mean?

(Porphyrogene!) The spirits are moving around a throne, where someone is sitting. … So, when all is said and done “Porphyrogene” means something like “royal” or “born a king.” It seems safe to assume that it’s the king sitting on that throne that the spirits are dancing around.

What is an ordnance?

noun. cannon or artillery. military weapons with their equipment, ammunition, etc. the branch of an army that procures, stores, and issues, weapons, munitions, and combat vehicles and maintains arsenals for their development and testing.

Is Crapy a Scrabble word?

CRAPY is a valid scrabble word.

What does Encrimsoned mean?

verb (used with object) to make crimson.

What is the meaning of armorial bearings?

Noun. 1. armorial bearing – heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield. heraldic bearing, bearing, charge. annulet, roundel – (heraldry) a charge in the shape of a circle; “a hollow roundel”

What does sensationalized mean?

verb (used with object), sen·sa·tion·al·ized, sen·sa·tion·al·iz·ing. to make sensational.

What is a paramour relationship?

: lover specifically : an illicit or secret lover a married man and his paramour Her account put him in the position of looking like the duped lover believing the cheating married paramour’s protestation of love … —

How do you use phantasmagoria in a sentence?

Phantasmagoria in a Sentence 🔉If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, everything you experience may seem like a phantasmagoria, akin to a hazy dream. … The carnival we went to was a phantasmagoria of over the top performances, optical illusions, and bizarre individuals.More items…

What does Crapy mean?

: of, resembling, or draped in crape a crapy fabric a crapy procession.

What does umbrage mean?

noun. offense; annoyance; displeasure: to feel umbrage at a social snub; to give umbrage to someone; to take umbrage at someone’s rudeness. the slightest indication or vaguest feeling of suspicion, doubt, hostility, or the like. leaves that afford shade, as the foliage of trees.

What does school stand for?

SCHOOLAcronymDefinitionSCHOOLSeven Crappy Hours of Our LifesSCHOOLSeven Cruel Hours of Our LivesSCHOOLSix Cruel Hours of Our Life

What does lucid mean?

adjective. easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation. characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane: a lucid moment in his madness.

What does armorial mean?

: of, relating to, or bearing heraldic arms.

What does luridly mean?

causing horror or revulsion1a : causing horror or revulsion : gruesome The tabloids gave all the lurid details of floating wreckage and dismembered bodies. b : melodramatic, sensational also : shocking paperbacks in the usual lurid covers — T. R. Fyvel.