What Arrows Does Levi Morgan Hunt With?

What rest does Levi Morgan use?

For his hunting bow, Morgan uses a scale to set the draw weight at 70 to 72 pounds and sets the stops all the way back for full let-off.

After installing the rest 13⁄16 inch off the riser, and the nock height perfectly level (some bows shoot better nock-high; check your manual), he ties in a D-loop..

What type of release does Levi Morgan use?

He typically uses either a thumb or a hinge release, but the principle is the same with a caliper style. “You want to slowly squeeze the trigger, or press the thumb button, or rotate your hand until the release goes off. It should be a surprise every time.”

What sight does Levi Morgan hunt with?

The bow specs of the world’s best 3D archer. Morgan hunts with an Elite Energy 35.

What type of arrows are best for hunting?

Quick Picks: Best Hunting ArrowsCarbon Exp. Maxima Red.Easton Full Metal Jacket.Carbon Exp. Maxima Blu RZ.Cabela’s Carbon Hunter.Easton Aftermath.Gold Tip Hunter Pro.Gold Tip Hunter XT.Easton Bloodline.More items…

What arrows does Lee lakosky use?

CX has teamed up with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky this year for a new hunting arrow called The Crush, and that along with their Maxima line of Dual Spine Weight Forward (DSWF) arrows, allows CX to offer the perfect arrow for anyone.

What Broadhead does Levi Morgan use?

Levi Morgan #261 Engineered to the demanding specifications of Levi Morgan, the World’s most renowned archer, the NEW #261 blends unprecedented broadhead technology with field point accuracy.