What Does Posted Up Mean?

What does Posted mean?

Princeton’s WordNet.

posted(adj) publicly announced.

“the posted speed limit”.

What does lacing you up mean?

It can refer to being intoxicated on such a drink or drug. Laced can also mean “being dressed in high-end clothing and jewelry.” Laced especially appears in the phrase getting laced up, or “getting right to compete or fight.”

What does Posted mean on a sign?

Posting Your Property. “Posted” signs are a common sight around farmsteads in New York. … It is a conspicuous notice to a person who is about to enter property. The signs notify that person that they are committing trespass if they are entering without permission. Trespassing is illegal even if your property is unposted.

Can a posted transaction be reversed?

Transactions can be reversed by authorization reversal, by refund, or by chargeback. Meanwhile, merchants can only counteract a reversal through deflection or representment. Let’s take a look at each of the three ways a transaction can be reversed, and the two merchant countermeasures.

Is it rude to say Suit yourself?

“Suit yourself” is almost never rude or downright impolite, but depending on tone may come across as snippy, judgemental, or negative.

What does Posted mean on bank account?

Posting means that the debit – or credit – is applied to your account balance, and the transaction is completed. … The current balance is the amount of money in your account after the bank has processed the day’s credits and debits.

What does Suit yourself mean?

informal. an expression used either humorously or angrily to mean “do what you want to do”: “I don’t think I’ll come to the party tonight.” “All right, suit yourself!”

What does necking yourself mean?

Originally Answered: What does it mean when someone send you a photo with caption “neck yourself”? It is an Australian slang term that USED to mean to literally “go kill yourself- you are too stupid to live”.. It now is used like hitting someone upside the head when they do something dumb.

What does posting someone mean?

transitive to send someone to another country or place to work for the government or a company, or for duty in the armed forces. He was then posted to 22 Squadron. Synonyms and related words. + To send someone somewhere.

What means post yourself?

Tag yourself means put your name in a post or a photo post. So that you are related to that post and will able to see every notification comes from the post.

What is another word for posted?

What is another word for posted?mailedsentairmailedconsignedredirectedsent offdispatched by postsent by postput in the mailput in the post3 more rows

What does J mean in Snapchat?

SmirkSummary of Key Points. “Smirk” is the most common definition for :J on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. :J. Definition: Smirk.

Is a posted check cleared?

Definition of a Post-dated Check Even with a future date appearing on the check, the check could clear (be paid from) the bank account prior to that date. Post-dating a check makes sense only if you are certain that the payee will not cash or deposit the check before the date appearing on the check.

What does Dr posted mean?

CRE – Credit payment. DDR – Direct Debit. DR – debit balance (overdrawn) IBAN – International Bank Account Number (you can find this on your statement)