What Is Exoticism Music Quizlet?

How do composers expressed nationalism in music?

As a musical movement, nationalism emerged early in the 19th century in connection with political independence movements, and was characterized by an emphasis on national musical elements such as the use of folk songs, folk dances or rhythms, or on the adoption of nationalist subjects for operas, symphonic poems, or ….

What is nationalism and how is it used in the Romantic music period?

Musical nationalism is the term used to describe art music that was created with the intention to promote nationalism or help inspire patriotic sentiments. … There were three key ways that Romantic composers created nationalist music: overtly political music, patriotic music, and national music.

What does art song mean?

An art song is a vocal music composition, usually written for one voice with piano accompaniment. … An art song is most often a musical setting of an independent poem or text, intended for the concert repertory as part of a recital or other occasion.

What is romantic classical music?

The Romantic period started around 1830 and ended around 1900, as compositions became increasingly expressive and inventive. Expansive symphonies, virtuosic piano music, dramatic operas, and passionate songs took inspiration from art and literature. The Romantic era is known for its intense energy and passion. …

What is a mystique?

1 : an air or attitude of mystery (see mystery entry 1 sense 1) and reverence developing around something or someone the legendary singer’s mystique the mystique of the liturgy. 2 : the special esoteric skill essential in a calling or activity the mystique of yoga the mystique of hang gliding.

What is meant by exoticism in music?

Exoticism (Fr. It is usually suggested by a descriptive title (e.g. in an instrumental work), a sung text (e.g. in a song), or sets and costumes (e.g. in an opera). These extra-musical features are often reinforced by musical features typical of, or considered appropriate to, the people or group in question.

What is the difference between nationalism and exoticism in music?

Nationalism and Exoticism:In Romantic music, Nationalism meant that the composer created music in a fashion that represented the music from his or her own country. Exoticism was when a composer chose to create music in the fashion of a foreign country.

What examples of exoticism can you find in romantic music?

Just as nationalism reflected a preoccupation with the composer’s own national heritage, exoticism was a Romantic fascination with music from other lands. An often cited example of this tendency was Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade, depicting scenes from the Arabian Nights.

What is an art song quizlet?

What is an art song? a song for solo voice and piano with high artistic aspirations. Identify the correct definition of “through-composed.” music that exhibits no obvious repetitions or overt musical form from beginning to end.

What is an art song or lied quizlet?

art song. also called lied, was a song for solo voice and piano accompaniment. Franz Schubert. had greatest success in the Art Song. He captured both the spirt and the detail of the text, creating a sensitive mood painting in which the voice, and especially the accompanying piano, expresses every nuance of the poem.

What does Program music mean?

Program music, instrumental music that carries some extramusical meaning, some “program” of literary idea, legend, scenic description, or personal drama. It is contrasted with so-called absolute, or abstract, music, in which artistic interest is supposedly confined to abstract constructions in sound.

What does the word allure mean?

Verb. attract, allure, charm, captivate, fascinate, enchant mean to draw another by exerting a powerful influence. attract applies to any degree or kind of ability to exert influence over another. students attracted by the school’s locale allure implies an enticing by what is fair, pleasing, or seductive.

What is the meaning of fascination?

1a : the quality or power of fascinating. b : something fascinating. 2 : the state of being fascinated : the state of feeling an intense interest in something.

What is a romance in classical music?

Applied to narrative ballads in Spain, it came to be used by the 18th century for simple lyrical pieces not only for voice, but also for instruments alone. The Oxford Dictionary of Music states that “generally it implies a specially personal or tender quality”.

Who were the intended consumers of Duke Ellington’s jungle sound at the Cotton Club in Harlem How might this connect with what we have described as imagined ideas of Africa?

– The intended consumers of Duke Ellington’s “Jungle Music” at Cotton Club in Harelm were white people. It was popular during the Prohibition Era. The shows were called ‘revues. ‘ Was a segregated club; even though the musicians, dancers, and staff were mostly African-American, it was whites only.

What does exoticism mean?

Exoticism is the quality of seeming unusual or interesting, usually because of associations with a distant country. You may also like.

What is an Ophicleide quizlet?

What is an “ophicleide”? an early form of the tuba. Only $2.99/month. Identify the incorrect statement about Berlioz’s “idée fixe.” It is always played by the oboe.

What instruments are used in romantic music?

Instrumentsstrings – larger string section.woodwind – flutes and piccolo, oboes and clarinets, bassoon and double bassoons.brass – trumpets, trombones and French horns (tuba added later in the period)percussion – full percussion section.key – piano.